Masters of Music


Please submit a video, recorded straight-through with no internal edits, of the following:

  1. Charlier √Čtude #2, measures 1-24, as printed on B-flat trumpet
  2. Beethoven Leonore Overture No. 2, offstage solo
  3. A two octave B-flat (concert pitch) scale, ascending and descending, played in quarter notes at quarter note equals 120 beats per minute in a clearly articulated manner.

Live Auditions:

  1. F.J. Haydn Movement 1 (opening through development)
  2. Honegger Intrada
  3. Copland Outdoor Overture
  4. Mahler Symphony No.5, opening solo
  5. Stravinsky Petrouchka “Ballerina’s Dance” (1947)

Recorded Auditions:

Please refer to the following guidelines as you prepare and record your audition.

  • Recorded auditions must consist of one 10-minute video recorded in one take with no editing permitted. If recordings longer than 10 minutes are submitted, the jury will listen only to the first 10 minutes
  • Selections must be chosen according to the final audition requirements for your instrument as listed above
  • You are encouraged to play a substantial portion of your main solo piece plus two orchestral excerpts, but should exercise your judgment if you wish to include an etude or second piece
  • We would like to hear a range of repertoire with technical and stylistic differences
  • Please pay close attention to the sound quality of your recording so that the jury can accurately assess your playing

NEC encourages applicants to submit diverse repertoire, including works composed by women, people from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, and/or musicians from one’s own cultural background.


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Katie Luellen

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid