Graduate Diploma

Prescreening and Live Audition:

  1. One slow Ferling etude, and either a fast Ferling etude or a Barrett Grand Study;
  2. One slow and one fast movement from either a Baroque or Classical concerto; 
  3. Orchestral excerpts:
    • Undergraduate and Dual-Degree programs: Two (2) contrasting excerpts.
    • Graduate programs: Four (4) contrasting excerpts.
  • Applicants invited for a live audition should expect to sight-read as part of the audition.
  • Applicants may present works from the prescreening round as part of the final audition.

Recorded Auditions:

Please record 5-10 minutes of each solo piece in one take without edits. If one of your selections is less than 5 minutes, please record the entire selection. If one of your selections is more than 10 minutes, please do not record the entire piece and instead select excerpts of the piece to perform. All of your orchestral excerpts should be recorded in one take without edits.


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Katie Luellen

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid